Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Whatever looks good...

In my quest to conquer the elusive digital painting skill, I decided to pick from the 100 Themes list that floats allover the Interwebz and paint a little scene. I ended up just starting from the beginning with "Introduction" and stuck Nenua and Fray in there. This is vaguely how I imagine they might have first met one another.

And because some friends have been asking me, here's a little collection of progress images. I know it's not really typical to chunk the painting in bit by bit, and usually I'll lay down general colours and light sources when I first get started... but for one reason or another, this one ended up being mostly layered in. Oh well... at least it worked!

I'll probably continue using the themes list whenever I'm lacking inspiration. Plus I still feel like I could spend more time learning about the Ghost of Man characters before I jump into the comic. Not to say you shouldn't expect *something* soon!


Suka Strife said...

Yay ghost of man 8D and progress works X3

Loves them both =3

*wants to work on something*

I really aught to pick up the 100 theme challenge again.. Haven't touched that in.. uhm.. a very very long time.

Sarah Davis said...

No biggie, I started the list a few years ago and this is the second picture I've done for it. XD