Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Merry Christmas?

Just posted a placeholder on The Awakened website. I plan to install ComicPress over the Christmas break, and then with luck some actual comic-making will be initiated.

And speaking of Christmas, I have a piece of lovely, wholesome holiday art to share. This was done for our English class, of all things. The theme was "Capitalist Scrooge". Simple explanation is that by the end of the story, Scrooge is still a capitalist, regardless of how generous he may have become with his money. Lots of meaning forced into every corner, which may or may not have been lost as I went on, just trying to make the thing look nice.

No, I don't believe the argument this illustration is trying to make, but it made for something interesting to draw.

Finally, I wanted to share this... I'm sure every animation student under the sun has already seen it (I believe no less than 20 people posted it on my Facebook over the past couple days), but it really does deserve all the attention it's getting. Absolutely beautiful little film.


Lea(h) MacDonald said...

Ahahaha I like how that vid went, like... Sheridan viral.

Sarah Davis said...

I swear, my news feed was just... forty million links to that video yesterday. And now I have the song and am just listening to it on repeat. <.<

Chiu Chiu Express said...

wow I really like the animation who made it? its neat!