Tuesday, December 7, 2010

School + The Awakened = ??? (Profit?)

And the race to catch up on missed posts continues.

Today, more "Floating Head Syndrome" sketches. This time of Asher and Montague. Both of them benefited from a nose job, and I would apparently make a rather shoddy plastic surgeon, because crooked hooks and gigantism abound.

I've heard a bit of feedback on both of these re-designs already, and I had to laugh at how many people thought I'd made Asher "ugly". It made me smile for the fact that Asher was *always* supposed to be a very ugly, ugly man. He's one of those so-ugly-he's-charming characters. So if anything, this update has taught me that I really have learned something about character variation. If the old Asher appeared "hot" to people, then I fell far short of my goal. So, as Asher is properly ugly now, I am quite pleased!

Received a mostly positive response for Monty, except maybe a little dislike for his new nose, but we can't all have beautiful, identical noses, people!

Aaaaaand in the world of school, I have... more Awakened stuff!

The assignment was a walk and run. We had to use contrasting characters, so I chose to animate Plague and Famine. I was juggling a fair number of projects alongside this one, so it's not as elaborate as I would have liked (particularly the interaction), but it did give me a chance to update their character designs a little.

(Apologies for the awful white BLOB in the corner. For whatever reason, whenever I put this clip online, the compression murders everything. If you squint, you might have some vague idea of what's happening.)

Definitely enjoying the chance to bring my established characters to life (though I can't do it for each assignment... as, well, the idea is to create new characters).


Cakada Mara-Afada said...

I don't know. I kinda like this Asher. He still has the same personality as before, and I think the new look suits him.

Sarah Davis said...

I'm glad to hear it! Thank you. :)

Sam Gauss said...

Oh, wow, wish I'd seen this earlier, I've missed Awakened stuff :)

Hmm... love both Asher and Monty redesigns, though if uglyuglyugly is what you're going for, I still think Asher could continue to be pushed. I wish I could give you a better idea on how... it might be a matter of finding 'weird' looking character actors (Christopher Walken and Steve Buscemi come to mind, if that makes sense... hell, maybe even Andre the Giant for someone closer to Asher). But this suits him better I think, and I do like how much variation there is now between your characters :)

I hope that makes sense, I really want to see more things like this, and of course feel free to ignore suggestions if they don't suit what you have in mind! Looking forward to more!

Kai said...

eheheh i guess the guy i want to date fits into the "So Ugly he's Charming" category too!!

I've always liked Asher, and i still adore him-i love how he isnt "Gorgeous-Mc Sparklepants". And Monty's nose is just GORGEOUS!!!(i have a severe nose fetish! lol)