Sunday, December 6, 2009

About Sarah Anne Davis (SADCAT)

Let me tell you a little about myself. In third person, of course, so as to give the impression that someone was so floored by my genius that they decided to write about my life.

Sarah Davis has been working as a freelance artist since the age of 15. Specializing in colourful fantasy illustration, sequential art, and character design, Sarah has worked for such companies as Ponder Games, Inc., Channel M, and Coca Cola, while maintaining personal projects like SADCAT's STUDIO and The Awakened Online Comic. In 2009 she graduated Art Fundamentals with high honours from Sheridan College. She is currently enrolled in Sheridan's Bachelor of Applied Arts Animation program.

I am almost not as crazy as I look.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Commission Information

Looking for an artist for a project?
Have a vision in your head and want it brought to life?
Maybe you'd just love to see one of your original characters drawn in a different style?

I am available for hire on a freelance basis!

If you'd like to commission me for your project or for a single piece, send me an e-mail.

Please provide as much information as possible about what is required, and the time-frame for completion, and I will get back to you with a price estimate and further information.

..:: Single Piece Commissions ::..
For simple personal commissions, my prices range from $10 for clean sketches to $50 for painted works. For more complex pieces with multiple characters and intensive background work I charge more. The price for anything really depends greatly on the complexity and the style (cell-shading versus fully rendered, for example). Send me a note with what you have in mind and I can give you a price estimate.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Children love the petting zoo!

For my layout package we were required to depict a scene from the Royal Winter Fair. Who better than Crazy Mouth? The lovable alpaca! He just wants you to put some food into his crazy mouth.

For the record, I DID feed Crazy Mouth, and he was very polite, despite the frothing.

Also made an ATC of Stitch for Victoria! She's loves her some Stitch. And if there're any Sheridan students reading this who are interested in ATCs (Artist Trading Cards -- check it out), I will hopefully be starting an official ATC club at the school. First meeting after the winter break! If you're interested, drop me a note.