Wednesday, October 19, 2011

And the beats go on...

So our group film has come a long way since my last post about it. We've got a much firmer story now, and we're moving into finalizing designs. I've been managing the story team and this week we'll be submitting our film's design pack, so we handled the coloured story beats. I did the first two:

I will leave these completely vague and without description, because not only will that potentially heighten anticipation for the film itself, it will also confuse and annoy!

I also had some fun with the design pack and caricatured our entire team as ghosts:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Most recent project was the "Heroes and Villains" assignment for life drawing. The idea was to take three drawings we had done in class or at Extra-Life and mimic the poses whilst creating a character who either embodied that of a hero or a villain.

So we've got a Musketeer Man, a Mistress Mink, and a Mustache Monster. Yes, yes that's right.