Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gassy Monsters and Mother Goddesses

Just a couple pieces I did tonight...

First up is my half of an art trade with Annie Hughes! She asked me to draw her OC Kara, so I drew her as Kali, because I guess the idea of multiple arms and shiny jewelry appealed to me at the time, and hey it was pretty fun to colour. I haven't done a really brightly coloured piece in a while, so this one made me happy.

Next up, this dude was done for the Sheridan Creature and Character of the Month group on Facebook. This month's theme for creatures was bio-luminescence. Here's the write-up:

"The Gassy Cave Lurkun is oft-smelled but rarely seen. Its massive size makes for natural slow movement, but this is further hampered by bowleggedness and the way its horns will occasionally grow under the front legs. A rough hide coupled with a damp environment encourages bio-luminescent mushrooms to grow on the backs of Gassy Cave Lurkuns, sometimes to the point that they become more mushroom than Lurkun. But this creature will happily dine on itself if feeling peckish, resulting in their glowing eyes and mouth."

One more day off, and then I'm off to my co-op position at Untold Entertainment! I am excited and nervous and thrilled and freaked and pumped and psyched and scared and anxious and determined and... a little sleepy. Can't wait.

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